Bachillerato (A Levels)

The aim of this stage is to provide human and academic training, and knowledge that allows our students to join the higher education with responsibility and competence.

We offer the opportunity to study the Bachillerato Dual (Dual Diploma) in Spanish-American, which starts in the 2nd year of the Secondary school and ends in the 1st year of the Bachillerato (A Levels). Thus when they finish it, our students have the chance to continue studying on the international level in universities that are inside and outside Europe.

Students who do not choose to do the Bachillerato Dual (Dual Diploma) in Spanish-American, can take the Bachillerato (A Levels) on the branch of knowledge they want, considering their future aspirations:

  • Science/Technology
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Arts (Music and Fine Art)
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