There is a direct relationship between reading and scholar achievement. Reading develops intelligence and is the means of transport towards learning and cultural acquisition. In Colegios ISP reading is encouraged from an early age, spending hours of reading in the library with physical books. The importance of the reading goes beyond the library and, in relation to the ICT project in Colegios ISP, each student has the necessary books for the correct learning of the different languages (Spanish, Valencian, English, French or German) that students practise in the centre with their own iPad.

Electronic books

The advantages offered by the availability of readers in digital format are very important in order to motivate reading among students and, consequently, improve the school performance. Students can choose the book which motivates them, or which is best adapted to their learning level of the chosen language. Furthermore, since they have their own iPad, they can continue reading and learning the language at home, during the holidays or anywhere. It also allows personalised learning, since books are adapted to the level of a particular student, and not to the level of a specific class.

Reading Programme

With the reading programme, in Colegios ISP we help to the development and perfection of language. We improve human relationships, encouraging the thinking skills. It is important to remember that when we read, we learn, we improve our cultural grounding and we are provided with information and knowledge. Finally, the reading programme in Colegios ISP awakens hobbies and interests in our students and reinforces the Finnish methodology that prevails in the school.

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