The aim of musical teaching in the International School Peniscola is to integrate the musical learning into the subjects that are taught in a professional school of music. This way, when a student finishes the 5th school year of Primary school, will have the same level in music as a student that studies the elementary music lessons in the school of music. Students receive preparatory classes to take the admission exam for professional degrees in the specialty of guitar, piano, trumpet and clarinet, preparing them for entering the school of music. Other activities related to music that our students do in this centre are:


  • Ensemble: small group of different instruments
  • Cantata: combination of music and theatre performed on Christmas
  • Extracurricular activities: several extracurricular activities are offered for learning to play the main instruments


The ensemble is a musical activity in which students become musicians and learn to play in group. The Colegios ISP Ensemble is an option for these students that show virtues, inquisitiveness and abilities towards music, that are either innate or acquired through determination and effort


Each school year Primary school students have the opportunity to show their musical abilities in front of their parents and other students in the cantata that is performed on Christmas. It is a great experience not only for the students but also for their parents.


Plastic arts are important to have space for the students’ creativity. In Colegios ISP it is encouraged through crafts or scholar competitions. This importance yields results, as an International School Peniscola student won the scholar competition “¿What is a king for you?”

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