Dining Room

Healthy habits, ecological food and integral education.

Dining room in the International School Peniscola

Comprehensive education of students does not end when classes finish. It is crucial to educate students with good eating habits in order to avoid that eating disorders appear at adolescence stages. The values of healthy and balanced eating must be taught since childhood. With the School Dining Room we expect to give a quality diet, with varied and very nutritive menus, that will be beneficial for the students’ body and mind.

Kitchen of our own, there is not catering service

In the International School Peniscola we take diet seriously. That is why we do not depend on catering firms and we have our own kitchen, where we can elaborate our own menus and we have control over all the process, as the reception of food, the meal elaboration and the education of students in terms of their eating habits. For that, we have included in our kitchen the convection steam oven that allows us to prepare food whose properties and vitamins are minimally altered.

Ecological food

The base of the International School Peniscola dining room menus is ecological food. The majority of them are obtained from our own vegetable garden, that way students acquire knowledge of the interrelation between human beings and nature, as well as environmental awareness.

Our students have to consolidate proper eating habits. Thus we have to awaken their curiosity so that they taste all kinds of food, enjoy and not worry too much about the food. It is shown that diet and eating habits have a great influence on health, not only in the short term but also in the long term, because it is fundamental for a proper and optimal organism function, growth, learning ability, psychomotor development and for preventing risk factors, as the eating disorders.

Mid-morning snack service

We offer a mid-morning snack service. When the student arrives at school, he can choose between several snacks. Our cook will prepare it the same day, so the student can have a healthy mid-morning snack at break time. Forgetting it at home or worry about the mid-morning snack is no longer a problem.

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