Orientation Department

School diversity is a sign of social diversity. A quality educative system has to contemplate and respond adequately to students’ diversity, and for that there is an essential tool that is the Orientation Department in the centres of Secondary school. Orientation has influence on the education task, so it is consubstantial to the function of all the professionals that participate in it. In their everyday work, all of them influence consciously and unconsciously on the comprehensive development of every student of the centre and collaborate with it.


  • To contribute to the personalisation of education, that is, to its comprehensive nature, favouring the development of every aspect of the person and contributing as well to an individualized education, referred to concrete people with different abilities, motivations and interests.
  • To adjust the education response to the particular needs of the student body, by means of the convenient curricular and methodological adaptations.
  • To stand out the orientation aspects of education, paying attention to the real context in which students live, the future that they can plan for themselves, and favouring the acquisition of functional learning connected to the environment, so that education is “education for life”.
  • To favour the processes of personal maturity, the development of their own identity and values and the development of making decisions about their academic and professional future.
  • To prevent the learning difficulties, and not only assist them when they have appeared, but also foreseeing them and avoiding to the extent possible phenomena as school dropout or inability to adapt to school.
  • To contribute to the adequate relationship and interaction among the different members of the education community: faculty, student body and families, as well as the social environment, facilitating dialogue and negotiation facing conflicts or problems that may appear.

Action areas

The activities of the Orientation Department are shown in three action areas:

Support to the learning and teaching process (preventative measures of ordinary or extraordinary support)

Mentoring action (elaboration of the Mentoring Action Plan that will be coordinated by the Head Teacher, highlighting the task of the mentor as coordinator of the faculty, the integration and monitoring of the student body and the relationship with the families).

Academic and professional orientation (elaboration of the Academic-Professional Orientation Plans that will be coordinated by the Head Teacher and has as an explicit result at the end of the stage the Orientation Council).

The Orientation Department is responsible for:

  1. a) Elaborating, according to the guidelines established by the Pedagogical Coordination Commission and in collaboration with the mentors, the Academic Orientation Plan and the Mentoring Action Plan of the secondary school.
  2. b) Contributing to the development of educative, psychopedagogical and professional orientation of students, especially concerning the stage or cycle changes and the choice among the different academic, educational and professional options.
  3. c) Collaborating with the mentors and the rest of the faculty on the planning and development of academic, professional and mentoring orientation activities.
  4. d) Suggesting guidelines and procedures to adapt appropriately the curriculums of students that need especial education and collaborating with other departments and the faculty to adapt the teaching to the students’ personal needs and characteristics. As well, participating in the planning and development of the curricular adaptations aimed to students that need them, as the students with especial education needs and those who take diversification programmes, in collaboration with the teaching departments and the Board of Teachers.
  5. e) Collaborating with the secondary school teachers in the prevention and detecting of learning problems and in the realisation of educative activities aimed to the students that have those problems, as well as collaborating with the mentors in elaborating the Orientation Council. It is created for the academic and professional future of all the students in secondary school and for the programmes of social guarantee.

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