Comprehensive Education


Regarding physical activity and sports, Colegios ISP gives priority to the widening the knowledge of sport of the student. Children are especially motivated to develop all their motor abilities and to be able to get maximum benefit of themselves in all sport areas.

Psychomotor stimulation

Since their first years of schooling, this advanced motor stimulation in psychomotor activity is applied by our specialist teachers and is still practised in Primary school. Since their childhood we search for stimulating the children with all our sport means so they can experience individually the pleasure of physical education and the feeling of team sports.

Reflexive and independent people

In Secondary school, we try to train reflexive people, with independency for the physical activity and sports. Independent and effective people in knowledge and healthy habits, which can be done on their daily routine outside school. Strategies and tools are established and all the needed means are given so the students are able to feel the maximum number of sport experiences inside and outside school.

Sport and eating habits

The major aim of all of this in Primary and Secondary school is, as a consequence, that each student is completely reflexive in order to be able to choose adequate physical activities, be independent and be able to establish healthy habits of physical activity and eating for the rest of their life.

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