Primary school

Our students start this stage with a good command of reading, writing and mathematical calculation, that which allows to move forward the contents established by the official curriculum and avoids the feeling of tedium and monotony of repeating concepts that are already acquired. Increasing the exigence level causes that our student body feel highly motivated, showing in every moment a high level of curiosity and interest. The first school years of this stage are essential to create proper working and studying habits.

The learning of the English language is reinforced by the classes of Social Science, Natural Science and Arts & Crafts in English, apart from the daily English class.

As well, the coordination among the faculty and the psychopedagogical office allows to respond to the needs or difficulties that can appear throughout the process of teaching and learning. Working in small groups favours the teaching task, since we can respond more individually to the pace and characteristics of each of our students.

The aim of our education system is to educate excellent students but, above all and more important, to become excellent people. For that, it is essential to develop a system of values based on respect and tolerance. As well, the collaboration with the families and the creation of a demanding school environment where effort and responsibility are strengthened, is fundamental.

International School Peniscola is a modern school with classrooms that are wide, illuminated and entirely equipped with interactive whiteboards, Internet connexion and App TV.

Students have an iPad of their own in the centre, where part of the teaching material of daily usage is found digitalised. They also use laptops for learning typing, participate in Computing and Programming classes, and they let themselves into Robotics since they are 10 years old.

Baby Garden
Secondary School
Bachillerato (A Levels)
Summer Camp
  • Each Friday our centre is open to the families that are deciding their children’s future education centre. Come and have a look at our facilities in operation.

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