Secondary school

The aim at this stage is that the student body achieve a solid cultural base in the humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological areas that helps them to overcome their superior studies or their incorporation to the working world. We seek to educate complete and competent people. It’s the moment in which they have to consolidate their studying habits, encouraging to work self-sufficiently, constantly and with effort. That is why the responsibility of each of our students is considered an essential tool. Conscientiousness of their daily work makes them responsible for studying.

The Secondary school centre is modern and equipped with technological resources and friendly classrooms to create an atmosphere that encourages to study and work. We have Wi-Fi through the whole facility. All our classrooms have a projector, sound system and interactive whiteboards. Students have an iPad of their own in the centre, where part of the teaching material of daily usage is found digitalised. They also use laptops for Technology and Computing classes. The faculty own digital books, multimedia resources and the most innovative computer programmes.

The Secondary school is a decisive stage in a student’s life. Thus the Emotional Education gains importance, since allows students to find strategies to deal with the physical and psychological changes of that period, trying to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence. Multilingualism is a considered aspect in the centre. The number of school hours in English are increased in order to prepare our students for setting for the official Cambridge exams.

In 2nd school year of Secondary school, students have the chance to start the American Bachillerato (A-Levels). In addition, we promote learning a second language, German or French, as well as Valencian. We sit our students for external exams so they can prove their knowledge in these languages, by official certificates that are valued socially and academically. We also participate in different international programmes that allow our students to enjoy experiences which encourage the cultural exchange and the practise of languages.

In 2nd/3rd school year of Secondary school, our students have the chance to start the Bachillerato Dual (Dual Diploma), if they want to. This way they obtain both Spanish and American degree, so when they finish they can continue their studies at the international level in universities inside and outside Europe.

For the faculty is really important to respond to the personal development of each student, considering the existing diversity, their interests and needs. So we apply individualised guidelines in order to improve and reinforce the different subjects and the evolution of the student body is daily monitored.

We keep a natural, open and trusty relationship with the family and students, which favours communication and cooperation. The active and participative methodology used is complemented with the cooperative work in groups or pairs, and the trips related directly to the objectives of the study programme or the development of contents.

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