Team Colegios ISP

Currently the Colegios ISP team is made up of more than 45 education professionals. All members of Colegios ISP think that the best legacy that we can leave to our children is a good education, which is why every day we make an effort to be able to offer them a comprehensive, distinguished and individualised quality education.

Jesús Jovaní Roda

Manager Headmaster of Colegios ISP

–   More than 35 years leading the Education Project of Colegios ISP.

–   National Swimming Trainer.

–   Studies in: Architecture – Photography – Video – Electronic Technology – Ecology

“Education is the best inversion for our children’s future”


–   Sailing, Surfing, Windsurfing, Diving, Hiking, Btt, Trial, Jet Ski, Kayaking, Speleology and Handball.

Teresa Polo

 Pedagogical Headmistress of Colegios ISP

–   More than 35 years leading the Education Project of “El Peixet School” and Colegios ISP.

–   Pre-school teacher

–   Primary school teacher

–   Music teacher

“The future of the world depends on the children that go to school”


–   Crafts, Design, Decoration, Setting and Wardrobe, Touring by bicycle, Ski and Kayaking.

Anna Jovani Polo

Head teacher of Colegios ISP

–   Graduated in Psychopedadogy, Graduated in Audio-visual Communication and

Advanced Degree in Concert Pianist.

–   Pre-school teacher, Music teacher and Primary school teacher specialised in English.

–   Master’s degree in Eating Disorders and Personality Disorders, Graduated in Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Graduated in Classical Ballet by the Royal Ballet of London.

“Education is the best legacy that we can leave to our children”


–   Classical ballet, Swimming, Ski, Running and Btt.

Diana Lopez

Primary and Secondary school Coordinator of Colegios ISP

–   Graduated in Psychopedagogy.

–   Pre-school teacher, Primary school teacher.

–   Valencian teacher.

“Determination and effort are the bases for the school success”


–   Reading and hiking.

Happily married and mother of three children, who are students of the International School Peniscola.


Pre-school Coordinator and Department of Psychopedagogy/Orientation Coordinator

–   Graduated in Psychopedagogy.

–   Pre-school teacher and Primary school teacher.

“Meeting the needs of students is my priority”


–   Touring by bicycle.

Nuri Dominguez

Executive Assistant

  –   Graduated in Business Management and Administration

  –   University specialist in Assessment of People in Situations of Dependency

            “Working in Colegios ISP allows me to see the evolution of my children receiving the best education from a team that has a true vocation and a lot of affection, it is a dream come true!”

  –   Happily married and mother of two children, who are students of the International School Peniscola.


  –   Running, Rhythmic gymnastics, Nutrition and Playing with my children, especially with puzzles.

Miss Naomi

Language Coordinator of Colegios ISP

–   Graduated in Translation and Interpreting in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.

–  Advanced degree (Grau Superior) in Valencian from the JQCV.

–   Master’s degree in English Teaching.

–   German Certificate from the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela


–  Hiking, Traveling, Pilates and CrossFit.

Miquel Coll

ICT Coordinator of Colegios ISP

–   Graduated in Geology.

–  Master of Advanced Studies in Geophysics.

–   Master’s degree in Teaching.

“I am an enthusiast of the New Technologies, I think that students should learn about them at school so that they can find themselves in a favourable position at university as well as in the professional world”


–  Running, Cross, Roller, Btt.

Erika Virgos

Secretary of Colegios ISP

–   Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Management and Administration.

–   Master’s degree in Occupational Risks.

“Children can teach 3 things to adults: to be happy without any reason, to always be busy doing something, and to demand passionately what they wish. Due to all of this my mission in the Centre is to meet the demands and needs of parents and students with the best of my smiles.”


–   Pilates and Surf.

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