Preparation Centre for the Cambridge ESOL

International School Peniscola has been officially recognised as a Preparation Centre for the Cambridge ESOL. It is the official centre in the north of the province of Castellon, where students from this centre and external people can sit for the official Cambridge exams.

Students of the International School Peniscola can aim for the different English exams:

  • In the 2nd year of Primary school: Starters.
  • In the 4th year of Primary school: Movers (A1).
  • In the 6th year of Primary school: KET (A2).
  • In the 2nd year of Secondary school: PET (B1).
  • In the 4th year of Secondary school: FCE (B2).
  • In the 2nd year of Bachillerato (A Levels): CAE (C1) / CPE (C2).

International School Peniscola processes all the paperwork so that the student body don’t have to worry about anything else but the exams. We also process the registration of external students that prepare the exam in Academia ISP.

Students of International School Peniscola have advantages:

  • The exams certify the level of English that everyday classes have, so they do not need extra preparation classes for the exam.
  • The facilities are the same that they have daily, so they are less nervous at the moment of truth.
  • Ideal surroundings, since there are not external sounds that can affect the listening.

The exams are sat in the facilities of the Edificio Neo (Block C), with faculty of Cambridge ESOL.

There is a discount on the official Cambridge exam fees for our student body.

Description of cambridge levels:

Course Level Skills
2nd year of Primary school A1 They are ideal for motivating children and pre-adolescent boys and girls from 5 to 12 years old. They are comprehensive, since they evaluate the four skills: Speaking, Reading & Writing and Listening.

4th year of Primary school A1
6th year of Primary school A2
Course Level Skills
6th year of Primary school A2 To understand phrases and frequently used expressions that make direct reference to the daily routine.

To make themselves understood in simple and routine situations to exchange information about well-known topics.

To use simple words to describe their origin, education, environment and other topics, related to their immediate needs.

Course Level Skills
2nd year of Secondary school B1 To understand the essential arguments of an ordinary speech and the conversation that is focused on well-known topics.

To be able to cope with the vast majority of communicative situations that can appear while traveling.

To express themselves simply and coherently about well-known topics and personal events and to describe their dreams, hopes and goals. They are also able to express or justify briefly their plans or opinions.

Course Level Skills
4th year of Secondary school B2 To get the essential message of concrete and abstract texts and to participate actively in a technical conversation of their specialization area.

To communicate with enough spontaneity and fluency with native speakers without making a special effort.

To express themselves clearly about diverse topics.

To be able to comment very latest news and to examine the advantages and disadvantages of concrete situations.

Course Level Skills
1st year of Bachillerato C1 To understand a greater variety of longer and linguistically more complex texts, as well as to recognize its implied sense.

To express themselves with ease and spontaneity, not needing to make a huge effort to find the adequate expression.

To make flexible and effective use of the language for social, academic, professional or educative aims.

To produce clear, well-structured and detailed texts about topics that are in a certain way complex and to be able to relate topics using a great variety of adequate linguistic resources.

Course Level Skills
2nd year of Bachillerato C2 To understand almost everything they read and listen easily.

To summarize information originating from diverse sources, either in oral or written language, and to reproduce the basic and logical argument of that information coherently.

To express themselves fluently, spontaneously and precisely, and to detail opinions addressing even complex topics.

Cambridge ESOL

Cambridge ESOL - Colegios ISP

Upcoming Exam Sittings.

KET (A2):

–  24th June 2017 (Saturday).

PET (B1):

–  24th June 2017 (Saturday).

–  25th July 2017 (Tuesday).

FCE (B2)

– 1st July 2017 (Saturday).

– 27th Julio 2017 (Thursday).

Upcoming Exam Sittings for students of the International School Peniscola.

Starters (Pre-Level A1) – Movers (A1) – Flyers (A2)

– 21th July 2017 (Thurday).

* Students of the International School Peniscola that attend more advanced official Cambridge exams will be tested together with external people.

Get prepared for the official Cambridge exams in the Academia ISP and attend the exam at the same centre.

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