Extracurricular activities are the ideal complement to the comprehensive education of a child. They meet the individual needs of each student. With these extracurricular activities of ISP, we create the space so that students can enjoy their hobbies/support.

The official School schedule of a student since P5 is from 9:15h to 12:30h and from 3h to 4:45h. The School suggests Extracurricular Activities from 8:15h to 9h, from 12:30h to 3h and from 5h on.

The duration of the Extracurricular Activities is 45 min. See the section of each activity for detailed information about the monthly fees and the number of sessions per week.


1. Individualised Attention

Extracurricular activities are imparted by the same teachers, as a result they know the students perfectly. So students can move forward faster, focus particularly on the concepts that cap present any difficulty and specify the concepts previously explained at class. In addition, if the activities are sports, they can enjoy themselves with their schoolmates in another way in their everyday school life.

2. “School time”

All Extracurricular activities are carried out from 8:15h to 6h/6:15h in the evening. Thus students have time in the evening to get amused and play after a school day, and parents have time to enjoy being with their children or they can also make them enjoy other hobbies, as football, tennis or swimming.

3. Activities for Parents and Children

When parents come to the activities for parents, children can stay at school without any additional cost. Attention: When the option “Parents+Children over…” appears, it means that these people can come:

• Father/Mother/Relative alone.
• Student alone.
• Parents/Relative and Children.

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