Ecological Vegetable Garden

An ecological vegetable garden is an area inside the facilities of the school that is free from chemical products, where vegetables and fruits are grown for consuming, either in the school dining room or at home. Having an area at school where children can experience and know about the natural cycle of the plants that provide food will benefit their learning and widen their education.

Reasons for having a vegetable garden at school

The learning of students is very rewarding in all aspects. These are the advantages:

The responsibility of students when growing their own food gives them excitement and learning.

It favours healthy and balanced eating, without chemical products.

Growing native products depending on the season is promoted.

Students work and play in a natural area, interacting with their closest environment.

Values of respect, conservation and nature and environment protection are incorporated.

Self-sufficiency, sustainability and protection of the environment are promoted.

Huerto ecologico zanahoria


Students can taste the products that they have grown, have seen growing and have harvested from the ecological vegetable garden at school in the monthly menus of the scholar dining room. Students acquire consciousness of the fact that good eating comes from cultivating the soil.

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