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Our students are in contact with the English language daily since P0. Both in Primary and Secondary school it is used as the lingua franca to impart several subjects. The excellent level of English allows that the centre can offer the Spanish-American Bachillerato Dual (Dual Diploma) programme and be officially recognised as preparation and examination centre for Cambridge. The Cambridge exams are globally recognised, and the FCE (B2) is valid to gain admission in national and international universities without needing an English level test.

      • Students of 2nd year of Primary school. Starters
      • Students of 4th year of Primary school. Movers
      • Students of 6th year of Primary school. KET (A2)
      • Students of 2nd year of Secondary school. PET (B1)
      • Students of 4th year of Secondary school. FCE (B2)
      • Students of Bachillerato (A-Levels). CAE/CPE (C1/C2)

If you are not a student of this Centre, you can be trained in our Academia ISP.



Our students learn, live, talk and write in this language for all the scholar years. There is the possibility of sitting for obtaining the Grau Mitjà (Medium level) when they finish Secondary school, and the Grau Superior (Advanced level) when they finish Bachillerato (A-Levels). If you are not a student of this Centre, you can be trained in our Academia ISP.


Spanish, together with Valencian, are the official languages of the Valencian Community. In International School Peniscola, we give the required importance and students acquire a level of this language that will allow them to overcome the university entrance exams. Just as for the other languages, International School Peniscola offers the possibility of sitting for official exams that certify their Spanish level. These official certificates, from A1 level to C2, are given by the Instituto Cervantes, in the name of the Ministerio de Educación of Spain.


It is offered as an extracurricular activity since pre-school. Class time is increased in Primary and Secondary school, offering the possibility of sitting for exams to get official certificates (A1, A2, B1 and B2).


Students start learning German at pre-school stage as an extracurricular activity at midday.
When students are at Primary and Secondary stage, they have the option of sitting for the Goethe Institut exams, in order to get a globally recognized certificate (A1, A2, B1 and B2).

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