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International School Peniscola extend its limits and its action perimeter to all those cities where it had not provided service yet, establishing an agreement with the residence in Benicarló, Residencia Juvenil “Sant Crist del Mar”.

Residencia Juvenil “Sant Crist del Mar”

International School Peniscola has established an agreement with the Residencia Juvenil San Crist del Mar so that students coming from far cities, where the bus routes do not have stops, can do their studies in an International School.

The boarding school service is aimed to students of 14 to 18 years old, that is, to students of 3rd and 4th year of Secondary school, as well as 1st and 2nd year of Bachillerato (A Levels). Get prepared for the access to university in an independent school, the International School Peniscola. The residence is located in Avda. Yecla 29, in Benicarlo. International School Peniscola has a bus stop in the Plaza Constitucion in Benicarlo, which is only few minutes walking from the residence and is where students are picked up to attend classes.

These facilities are offered to the young students of International School Peniscola in order to provide them with support and lodging to compaginate their studies in Peniscola, ousite their usual home.

This service includes breakfast and dinner, as well as lunch and afternoon snack, from Monday morning to Friday morning. In addition, students have the possibility of staying all the month (from Monday to Sunday, including weekends).

During the time in which the students stay in the residence, an educator supervises the evening schedule as well as their routines, in order to give them orientations and help with their evenings being as much efficient and productive as possible.

There is direct communication between parents, the residence and the school, so that the aims pursued can be achieved successfully (the fact that the students overcome at their best the Academic Degree of Secondary school, as well as Bachillerato with its corresponding university entrance exams).

Among other facilities and services there are:

–       Living room that holds 30 people

–       Library that holds 24 people

–       Self-service machines

–       Audio-visual devices

–       Wi-Fi connection and printer

–       Heating

–       All the rooms have a bathroom

–       Air conditioning in bedrooms and dining room

For further information, consulting the prices or enrolling a student in the boarding school, please fill in this form indicating the reason for the enquiry in the Commentaries section.

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