Mission and Vision

The mission of the International School Peniscola is to promote the comprehensive education of its students, and to develop all the abilities and aptitudes equally, which children have through the incitement of their multiple intelligences.

Collaboration with the families

All of this is always performed with the direct collaboration of the families, and wishing the students to have the leading role in their learning process. Through a quality teaching, students are prepared for their social and working incorporation in the future.


International School Peniscola is a high-quality and distinguishing Integrative Learning Community. It is ruled by an Educative Project, which is coherent, dynamic, comprehensive and open to change and innovation:

It is an Integrative School that attend to the education of the whole person.

It is a high-quality school because of its ability to evolve and the way of managing the talent of all the members of the Learning Community: students and working team of the school. It covers processes of analysing the efficiency, applied constantly and systematically.

It is distinguishing because it offers:

Reflexive Thinking, which helps training a critical thinking, invites to active participation in social life, prepares for decision making and whose contents set the pace of the life in the centre.

Attention to the Multiple Intelligences – that can be developed thanks to the multiple opportunities that are offered –, which allow the adequate attention to diversity, the development of talents and the happiness of students.

Academic and Social Competence, which helps to consolidate intellectual abilities and operative routines based on programmes of Social Competence, which favour the assimilation of learning, help to promote the critical thinking and adequate decision making.

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