Open Doors

Open doors at International School Peniscola

Colegios ISP invites you to visit the school while is working and to know the teachers and students. It will have a person who will accompany you through the facilities and will try to solve every doubt you have. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange a guided visit.

Step 1. Contact us and we will fix a date and hour which best fits you.

Step 2. Individualised attention.

In International School Peniscola we understand that choosing a school for our children has to be a meditated decision, which is why we want to offer an individualized attention to listen to your requests and to solve all kinds of doubts.

Step 3. Guided visit to the facilities.

Check by yourself the modern facilities of the International School Peniscola. It is a space created for the education. It has peaceful surroundings, is in the middle of the fields with an adequate atmosphere for education. The facilities are far from any distraction that could interfere with the salutary learning of the student.

Step 4. Personal meeting.

We will come to an end with a personal meeting to know your interests and solve any doubt that might have appeared during the visit. Our intention will be to orient and advise you in taking a decision that is so important for all the family. We will be at your disposal.

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