Secretary’s office / Shop

The secretary’s office is located in the Edificio Neo. It is the information and public attention point, where a meeting can be arranged for an interview or visiting our facilities. Furthermore, it is in charge of selling the articles of clothing of our school uniform.

Secretary’s office

You can contact the secretary’s office uninterruptedly from 8’00h to 18’00h by:


We offer a shop service with competitive prices, so you do not have to spend time searching for the uniform in other places. It will not be necessary to search for the uniform in a place and the sport clothes in another. Students can try the clothes on to find the perfect size, we replace the material when it is damaged almost immediately and we offer the possibility of deliver it here in the centre or when you come to pick your child up at school or at the bus stop. 

Advantages of the school uniform

School uniforms promote school discipline.

The use of uniforms at school reduces discrimination and pressures among the students. With uniform, all children are equal and do not judge their classmates because of the clothes they wear.

Uniforms avoid the fact that teachers and school managers have to act like policemen to tell the students whether the clothes they wear are adequate to their age.

Uniforms avoid distractions related to aspects that have nothing to do with their studies, which can be fashion.

The use of mandatory uniform at school avoids or makes difficult for children outside the centre to enter the school. With school uniforms it is easier to have a control over which children belong to the centre and which ones do not.

The use of uniform helps children to feel more identified with the school.

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