Transport of our own International School Peniscola.

Transport of our own International School Peniscola. 4 Routes.

In Colegios ISP we offer school transport service of our own for all stages: Pre-school, Primary and Secondary school and Bachillerato.
Currently, Colegios ISP has four transport routes, which cover the towns of Amposta, Alcanar, Sant Carles de la Rapita, Vinaroz, Benicarlo, Peniscola, Santa Magdalena de Pulpis, Alcala de Xivert and Alcossebre.

Buses meet the current laws and are in perfect condition, as Colegios ISP is responsible for their maintenance.

Among the advantages of having a transport service of our own, it stands out the fact that we can offer a reliable and secure service to parents, since the driver and bus that pick up your children are the same every day, which makes it easier to solve any situation that may appear during the time of transport.

Blue Route: Amposta, Alcanar, La Rapita, Benicarlo / Green Route: Alcossebre, Alcala, Santa Magdalena, Peniscola / Red Route: Vinaroz / Yellow Route: Benicarlo

Click on the stops for further information. Click here to read the recommendations.

Recommendations for the transport of our own International School Peniscola.

We beg parents to be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the official time, since buses have to follow timetables strictly so that students do not lose class time.

Buses will not wait for students who are late at the bus stop, but parents can bring them to the next bus stop of the route.

Buses will follow the established timetables, although they could be altered because of external reasons to International School Peniscola, such as the large amount of traffic or the interruption of the traffic on a road.

International School Peniscola reserves the right to change the stop timetables, because of the implementation other bus stops or to optimise the bus service. Colegios ISP will notify in advance if these changes are carried out.

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