In Colegios ISP, we keep in mind several values that lay the foundation and hold our education task. These values are present in all educative stages, since the entry of a student until the end of the studies in Colegios ISP.


Love, which gives confidence and happiness to the person.

Beauty, which favours the growth and maturity of a person, by sensitivity.

Kindness and Empathy.

Truth, which helps us to discover our own and other people’s reality.

Responsibility or adequate use of one’s own freedom because it is the best way of growing.

Justice, which makes us conscientious about the dignity of every human person and about the fact that each person is unique and deserves respect and care.

Love to well done work, which includes the courage to start, the prudence to discern, the persistence to overcome difficulties, the confidence to continue and the rigour to develop the work, as well as the humility to correct it or to begin it again.

Colaboración con las familias


Colegios ISP collaborates with the family and society in the development of education to achieve a comprehensive and harmonious education of their students.

The pedagogical task stimulates each one’s identity, which allows people to grow up with the values of confidence, equity, truth and freedom. As well, as a person is an active member of society, this task is also aimed to get people progressively involved in an active attitude in favour of justice, the common good, the pacific coexistence and the social commitment to contribute actively in the construction of a better world.

Professional training makes it easy to acquire the techniques that are more adequate for carrying out intellectual and handmade tasks, and it is a personal development and a contribution to the progress of society.

Incorporation to the cultural context of the country is the starting point for the growth and valuation of a wider culture.

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